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Artist Q&A: Carol Maillard of Sweet Honey in the Rock

qanda   Fabulous voices. Brilliant harmonies. Powerful songs. For 40 years, Sweet Honey and the Rock has been on a mission to educate, entertain, and empower people all over the world. We were so honored to have the opportunity to speak with founder Carol Maillard about the group’s upcoming show. Here’s what she had to say about forty years of memories, learning to sing a cappella and what you can expect at the concert on October 14. Tell us a little bit about yourself?


Carol Maillard

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I attended Catholic University of America on a violin performance scholarship but switched majors to theater in my junior year. I joined the DC Black Repertory Theater Company my senior year. I was a member of that theater company for about 5 years until I moved to New York and worked as an actress on and off-Broadway, in commercials, industrials, film and TV. How do you become an a cappella singer? What is required in my estimation to be a good a cappella singer is one must have an excellent sense of rhythm, pitch, harmony, the ability and humility to blend one’s voice into the whole. Tell us about the 40th Anniversary tour, what can audiences expect on October 14? For several years the group has wanted to incorporate other elements into our performances. So looking ahead we decided for our 40th anniversary we would present Sweet Honey in the Rock in a new and different way. We would incorporate visual elements, slides slideshows video, also storytelling instrumentalists and staging. The show would have an arc that would give audiences a sense of how we began, were we have been, issues we have addressed, things that are deeply personal to us, and artists who have influenced some of the writing of some of the songs we have composed. Have you been to Wisconsin before? We have been to Wisconsin many, many times. It is really great that Appleton has decided to celebrate our big 40th anniversary show with us. It is the last time that we will do the show and for us it is a big deal. November 17 marks the end of our 40th and the beginning of number 41. Thank you Carol, we look forward to seeing you and the rest of the group in a few weeks at the Fox Cities P.A.C.!


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