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National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China stun sold-out Roberts Hall

image8Written by Kyle Grant of Rhode Island College’s student-run newspaper The Anchor.

With every single seat taken in the Roberts Hall Auditorium, the National Acrobats of the Peoples Republic of China came into the fourth installment of the Performing Arts Series with high expectations. However, by the end of the night these talented acrobats not only propelled beyond the hype surrounding this sold-out show, but put on the best performance to hit RIC so far this semester.

Based out of Beijing, the National Acrobats from the P.R.C. is a compilation of the most talented performers from one of the world’s largest nations. Featuring performances in ballet, plate spinning, tumbling, contortionism, juggling, diabolos and much more, the National Acrobats’ wide array of styles made each performance fresh and unique, with no two performances alike and all featuring talented artists.

An opening ceremony with regal music blaring introduced the audience to the National Acrobats. Then, two dancers took the stage in a performance called ‘In the Moonlight,’ which started off as a traditional ballet. However, the female dancer was soon hoisted up by the actor, and the audience gasped in amazement as she danced her ballet on the shoulders, arms and even head of her male counterpart. The breathtaking blend of Eastern and Western dance sent chills down the spines of the audience and although the performance seemed unbeatable it was just the beginning of a thrilling night.

As the night progressed the stunts and tricks performed by the artists got more and more unbelievable. Contortionists bent and flexed their bodies in ways that seemed to defy the human anatomy, acrobats made leaps and tumbles that made one question the laws of physics and many of these acrobats laughed in the face of gravity.

Skillful bodies were not the only thing on display at the National Acrobats; performances with props were equally as bold. Jugglers, plate-spinners, bowl balancing and other acts were as thrilling as the acrobats themselves and many of these acts weaved acrobatic skill into the mix to make the performance. One performance using diabolos, a juggling technique where a bowl is whirled on a string held by two sticks, really caught the crowd’s attention.

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