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Artist Q&A: Julie Fowlis



Julie Fowlis, a singer from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, will bring her traditional and cultural music to the Fox Cities P.A.C. on Oct. 25. Fowlis took a few moments to talk Disney, her connection to Danú and what to expect at her upcoming show.

What made you interested in becoming a musician?Julie Promo 2014 Michelle Fowlis -Ashton-Lights7MB
I have always had a connection with music, traditional music in particular, as it was very much part of my upbringing. I feel lucky to have been brought up in a community where music was part of everyday life.

What is it about traditional Scottish Gaelic music that especially appeals to you?

It is an ancient and culturally significant tradition. Singing these songs gives us a sense of connectedness to place and people. And it’s full of life and great fun!

Why is that tradition important for you to share?

It was shared with me, and I love sharing it with others.



Julie at the “Brave” premiere with husband and Danú musician Éamon Dooley. How cute is the matching plaid? Photo from

You sang for the Disney Pixar film “Brave,” how did that come about?

A phone call out of the blue! And we enjoyed our experience of working with Disney Pixar very much. It was inspiring to work with such a great team.
(Check out a clip here)

Your husband, Éamon Doorley, will also be visiting the Fox Cities as a member of the Irish Band Danú. What is it like being married to another musician?

Great! It can be tricky sometimes syncing diaries but we both understand what the other does which makes everything loads easier. A musician’s life can be difficult to make sense of, if you don’t know what it involves.


What can patrons expect when you visit the Center Oct. 25?

Songs, stories, lively music and a little mystery and emotion.


Thank you, Julie! We are excited to have you here on Oct. 25!

Because we love the music of this great couple and because we love you, we want to offer a special ticket price! One $50 ticket  will get you in to both the Julie Fowlis performance on Oct. 25 and the Danú 20th Anniversary Tour on March 12 (a $24 savings!). For more information call our Ticket Office at (920) 730-3760. 


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