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DIY Halloween costumes inspired by this season’s Broadway line-up

If you’re anything like us, you are currently scrambling for that last minute Halloween costume that is both well thought-out and creative. Look no further and be inspired by our 2014-15 Broadway season!

1. Mamma Mia!

Joan Marcus/

Joan Marcus/

Ok, so a spandex jumpsuit may not already be hanging in your closet but we know they’re out there! Track one down at your local resale shop or find a bright colored shirt and pants and have people use their imagination.

It also might just be the time to pull out an old wedding dress and be Sophie for a night!




Stuart Ward and Dani de Waal from the ONCE Tour Company © Joan Marcus

2. Once

With character names like “Guy” and “Girl” this one won’t take Broadway-level acting chops to pull off at a party, just some jeans and a plaid shirt or a white shirt with a fall-color paisley skirt and you could be a character from Once the musical.




3. AnnieAnnie1

If you have a red wig laying around or a tuxedo, it may be front of mind to think Annie or Daddy Warbucks, but don’t forget about those cute little orphans who are mis-matched and dirty or Miss Hanigan’s loud print dress as great second-hand store finds.


Joan Marcus/

Joan Marcus/

4. Jersey Boys

Group costume alert! Find three very close friends and four matching blazers and you are golden to go as the rockin’ Jersey Boys. Bonus points if you can master their four-part harmony.





6. Dirty Dancingdd08

Be a power couple this Halloween with things you probably already have in your closest. All black for him and a white-button up shirt with jeans and flat tennis shoes for her. Then impress everyone with your dance moves and whatever you do, don’t put Baby in the corner!





7. A Christmas Story, The Musical

Photo credit: Clinton Tuccio

Photo credit: Clinton Tuccio

Wisconsinites will rock this one. Heavy plaid coat? Winter hat? Mittens? Check check! Being Ralphie sounds perfect for a cold October night.

But just in case all of this DIY has you ready to shoot your eye out don’t worry, we won’t leave you stuck to a flag pole. These Halloween-store finds will do, and fit right in with our upcoming season!52156aaacc2d844f871dc1a39aba1cb3


What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Do you have any Broadway-themed Halloween costume ideas you’d like to share?



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