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Ask Me Anything! with the Board of Directors


Earlier this fall, the website Reddit announced it turned one of its most popular features, Ask Me Anything, into its own app. That got us thinking—what if we could ask anybody anything in real-life? So at a recent board meeting we had a little fun and passed out three questions to our Board Members.

What we got is the Fox Cities P.A.C. take on AMA: The Board of Directors:

What has been your favorite show at the Fox Cities P.A.C. and why?Josephlogo

“Tony Bennett. Opening night the excitement and enthusiasm of both the performer and the audience were palpable. South Pacific because I had forgotten how many important and controversial topics it covered.”- John J. Hogerty, Bergstrom Corporation

Joseph: my daughter was in the cast.”- Dr. Ray Georgen, Surgical Associates of Neenah, S.C.

“Harry Connick Jr.: I loved the energy and diversity of the performance.”- Terry Timm, Thrivent Financial

“First, Disney’s The Lion King for the puppetry, and costumes are fabulous. Second, The Book of Mormon– just plain fun! So South Park!”-Mame Heaney, Community Leader

War Horse

War Horse

Mamma Mia! and Jersey Boys for feel good. War Horse and Disney’s The Lion King because of amazing staging.”- Barb Merry, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group






Why are the arts important to you?

Meredith Hanafi Photography 2012

Step Afrika – Meredith Hanafi Photography 2012

“(The arts) stimulate the soul, demonstrates the greatness of human talent.”-Angelo Ninivaggi, Plexus Corp.

“It is a quality of life issue. The Fox Cities P.A.C. adds wonderful balance to life in the Fox Cities.” – Barb Merry, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group

“Because they are so basic for maintaining the human spirit. I believe the arts are fundamental to our health as individuals and as a community.”- Karen Laws, Community Leader


If you could star in a Broadway show opposite any actor, who would you want to work with and why?

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel

“Idina Menzel. Beautiful voice, beautiful person, great actress. I had the chance to meet her once and she was really funny and down to earth.”- John J.  Hogerty, Bergstrom Corporation

“Julie Andrews; endearing personality and voice.”-Angelo Ninivaggi, Plexus Corp.

“Alive: Hugh Jackman because of his versatility, energy and dancing abilities. Not so alive: Paul Newman because of his intensity and range and involvement in life.”- Karen Laws, Community Leader

Now it’s your turn! If you could star in a Broadway show opposite any actor, which actor would you want to work with and why?

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