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Artist Q&A: Company Manager of Mamma Mia!

Wisconsin native William Ferry may not be someone you recognize on the Broadway stage, but he’s a huge part in making sure the show you’re seeing goes off without a hitch. Ferry is currently the company manager for Mamma Mia! on tour. In this role he coordinates travel arrangements, personnel details and other business aspects of the production.

We asked Bill a few questions about his role with the show and his life on tour. Here’s what he had to say:

MM!USTourCast2013_08We hear you’re from Wauwatosa! How does someone from Wisconsin become someone who tours around the world with Broadway shows?  Supportive parents who paid for me to go to school to study dance and then earn a Master’s Degree in arts administration.  I actually started working in the dance world before getting into theatre.

Is being a company manager always what you wanted to do?  No, my undergraduate degree is in dance performance and education from the University of Utah.  I sort of fell into the management area after moving to New York.

What’s your favorite part about touring? Going to all the different places we go, seeing the different theatres and experiencing local eateries.

Your least favorite part?  Selecting hotels.

Finish this sentence: I can’t travel without my…. cork screw or Swiss Army knife.

Is it hard to be away from Wisconsin family and friends?  One of the advantages of doing what I do is that it allows me to see family when I’m in town.  I’ve been able to see a lot of family over the years throughout the U.S. because of my travels.

You’ve been to the Fox Cities once before, touring with Billy Elliot. Is there something you are excited to see or do being back in Appleton?  Vince Lombardi’s Steakhouse at the Radisson has the best roasted brussel sprouts.

Your personal favorite part of Mamma Mia! is…from “Take a Chance on Me” through the end of the show.

Thanks, Bill! We look forward to seeing you and the rest of the cast Feb. 27-March 1!

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