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“Terrific addition to the tradition” New Danú album soars

We received this awesome CD review from Irish Music Magazine and it got us so excited for the upcoming show!


Danú- Baun CD review by Seán Laffey

The band’s choice of material and its running order results in an album that even at 54 minutes seems over way too early. They leave no time for boredom. Variation both between and within the sets left me lost to the ticking of time. High praise for the Grouse Lodge studio and the team who made this excellent album. With tracks arranged by Dónal Lunny, the master’s touch is evident but lightly applied. There’s a hint too of the band’s 20 year history with guest appearances from emeritus members Donnchadh Gough and Tom Doorley. The title says it all, translating into English as lasting enduring permanence.

There are Slides, Reels, Jigs, A Waltz and a March, a big piping piece and songs. And what sons they are Lord Gregory, Willie Crotty, Muirisin Deas, Passage West and The Willow Tree. The songs are not incidental fillers either, some meaty ones at 5 minutes each. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh has never sounded better, even on her own excellent solo album, her voice is getting rounder, her delivery more subtle, more emotional and sure footed; Lord Gregory is a standard and she has probably made her version the benchmark for this century.

Those of you who loved Dónal Clancy’s solo album of 2014 will be delighted with his Willy Crotty, a new ballad delivered in Classic Clancy style, written by Dónal’s cousin Robbie O’Connell, about the legendary 18th century Waterford outlaw Willie Crotty. A captivating story and a rousing chorus combine with an acerbic contemporary last verse; the song should pass quickly into the ballad tradition.

Ned Doorley’s bouzouki playing is prominent and pertinent, no more so than on the set of slides, opening with a whistle and zook duet and then stepping into the shade when Benny McCarthy’s box takes the lead on Doherty’s then wandering back into the light as McCauley’s fiddle owns Scott’s Favourite.

Caisleán Rathanain is a sweeping melodic fiddle air from is in McCauley a real slow burner that glides into a minor Mairse-il na Conrach with the accordion running away after a seamless baton pass. These two tunes were written by Oisin and Donal in May of 2014.

Then there is the piping of Donnacha Gough, only one track but a superb set of tunes; the contagious Tuamgraney Castle followed by The Broken Pledge for a full band ending to rival anything the Bothy Band did in their pomp.

This is the best, most varied album that Danú have produced. No question. After twenty years on the road they still have the passion to make music you want to listen to and learn from. Five word summary? Terrific addition to the tradition.

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