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A Season You Won’t Want To Miss!


How in the world could you commit to a full year of fabulous performances? You’re busy! You’re life is unpredictable!

These are the things we hear all the time at the Center, and for good reason. We’re busier than ever these days and our calendars fill quickly with appointments, practices, work obligations. However, just as often as we hear that it would be impossible to commit to a show next March, we hear how wonderful it is to have built in date-nights, to prioritize seeing that great show you heard about so you don’t miss it in the hustle and bustle and how worth while it becomes to take a night for yourself.

Season Ticket Packages are more flexible than they sound!

For Broadway there are several options to make sure you are seeing your top shows when it fits into your calendar.

1516season_homeSeason Ticket Holders have the option of easy-exchange tickets. Get a Season Ticket Package for Saturday night only to find out you have another commitment during your favorite show of the season? Enjoy a hassle-free switch to any other day of the run.*

Season Ticket Holders can also Swap-A-Show meaning if you know you are going to be out of town or if you’ve already seen a show you can trade your tickets** for another show within our fabulous season!

Also as a Season Ticket Holder these benefits will transfer to any of the 40 Broadway Across America markets meaning you can exchange your tickets here to see the same production in another city if something comes up!

Oh, and did we mention you get to reserve your seats before the general public? This saves you time and prevents you from missing out on those great seats you wanted!

Find out more about becoming a Season Ticket Holder on our website.



*Subject to availability. Ticket exchanges and seat upgrades may include addition charges if you exchange/upgrade into a higher priced performance or seating location. Some restriction may apply.
**Swapping into another show may include additional charges if you exchange into a hihger priced performance or seating location. Only one show per season, per account may be swapped. Due to limited availability, some titles may not be swapped into at Kimberly-Clark Broadway Across America- Fox Cities’ discretion. Not available online. Deadline for Swap-a-Show is August 31,2015.

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