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Pilobolus means what?!…and other fun facts

With the upcoming performance of Pilobolus we’ve had several people ask us how to pronounce the name of the award-winning modern dance group. Pill-ob-o-lus.

But it was an investigation into the meaning of their name, their extensive history (dating back to 1971) and their stunning performance that made us want to share these 8 fun facts:

Pilobolus_posterart1. Pilobolus is actually the name of a barnyard fungus that propels its spores with extraordinary speed, accuracy and strength. The group picked it because, at the time, the group of Dartmouth College students included Jonahtan Wolken whose father was studying the fungus in a lab.

2. Pilobolus has performed more than 100 choreographic works in 64 countries.

3. The group has performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sesame Street and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

4. After performing on the 79th Annual Academy Awards using shadowplay, the group went on to produce an evening-length movement-theater piece which utilized head-writer for the hit Nickelodeon show “SpongeBob Squarepants” Steven Banks, and David Poe who wrote the score.AllIsNotLost_Nadirah Zakariya-1-2

5. Pilobolus is made up of three branches. In addition to the touring company, they also have an education program and a creative services program.

6. Pilobolus filmed “All Is Not Lost” with band OK GO. The video was released as a Google Chrome Experiment made with Google and was nominated for a 2012 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

7. Pilobolus holds the 2011 Guinness World Record for fitting the most people into a Mini Cooper (26).

8. When it visits the Center, Pilobolus will perform [esc] a piece created by Penn & Teller.

Don’t miss Pilobolus when it comes to the Fox Cities next week!

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