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Spotlight On: Gerald Henley

Have you ever wondered who calls you to your seats when the show is about to begin? Have you ever thought about who helps to keep everything moving backstage?

We’re putting the spotlight on Gerald Henley, who does both of those things and so much more as Director of Theatrical Productions at the Center.

geraldGerald began his work with the Center as a stage manager in 2004 and has become Director, managing all things backstage from before the show to the final load-out. In his role he also helps performers utilize our facility to perform in and works with agents to bring new, upcoming national artists for the Fox Cities to enjoy. Gerald can also often be heard as the voice of fanfare, requesting you take your seats before the show and often provides various tours for the Center.


IMG_4225Prior to his work at the Fox Cities P.A.C., he spent 11 ½ years on the road in the music industry. Gerald has also managed a stage at Summerfest in Milwaukee for the past 34 years.

When we asked Gerald what he would want people to know about him, it’s not who he’s worked with; instead, he wants people to know he has a passion for helping children become outstanding citizens in our community and he enjoys ‘paying it forward’. He is a board member of a number of nonprofit organizations with a focus on helping kids.

Next time you see Gerald, be sure to say hello!

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