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Fox Cities P.A.C. serves full generation of students

Did you know that the senior class of 2015 had access to the Center through our Bemis Company Education Series during their entire K-12 academic career?

DSC_0217 That’s right! This past year’s graduating seniors were in kindergarten when the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center kicked off its Education Series, introducing an arts-focused way of learning for more than 250,000 students over the years in the Fox Valley and beyond. The Bemis Education Series hosts performances that tie into classroom lessons and meet the Wisconsin Academic Standards. Thanks to donors and sponsorships, these performances are made affordable for all students with scholarships available for students in need of financial assistance to attend this series.  Each performance is enhanced with study guides and tips for teachers on incorporating the performance into their lesson plans.

“The Center takes an active role investing in the next generation of arts enthusiasts by providing programming that will instill a passion for the arts, while teaching core classroom lessons in an engaging manner,” said Cassie Schroeder, Education Coordinator at the Center. “Whether sparking a love of ballet or bringing a Shakespearian text to life, the arts encourage students to develop and dig deeper in their educational experience. Having the opportunity to inspire students in our community is an honor for us and a goal that we do not take lightly.”

The series has also taken on popularity with area educators like Nate Kallies, Principal and 8th grade teacher at St. Paul Lutheran School in Appleton. Kallies said that as a teacher he’s enjoyed performances along with his students.

Photo credit: Ken Cobb

Photo credit: Ken Cobb

“The performances at the PAC bring our lesson plans alive!  Because the children of our school have enjoyed the PAC so much, it makes the teachers’ jobs that much more enjoyable in bringing the theatre—and how you can learn about history, music, etc. through the theater—to the children,” he said.

Growing over the years, the education component at the Center has expanded to include special Classroom Connections workshops for teachers on integrating the arts in their classrooms and unique opportunities to network with each other prior to performances at the Center’s Education Outlet events.

The Bemis Company Education Series will explore neighbors, communities and friends when it presents a season entitled “Together Through the Arts.” The stories of Junie B. Jones, Martin Luther King Jr., the Harlem Renaissance, Aesop’s Fables, Daniel Tiger and more will come alive on our stage as students in PreK through 12th grade explore their world through the lens of the arts.

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