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Artist Q&A: Cirque Alfonse: Timber!

As we prepare to start off a highflying season full of culture, passion and adventure, we couldn’t be more excited to see Cirque Alfonse in their amazing show Timber! Acrobat and co-founder Antoine Carabinier Lepine and musician Josianne Laporte gave us a look at what it’s like to do dangerous students and play awesome traditional music in this Artist Q&A!

Photograph © Jane Hobson.

Photograph © Jane Hobson.

What is your favorite part of performing? 

Antoine: The teeterboard since it’s my specialty and it’s at the end of the show. But I really enjoy doing all the part of the show cause when you start it’s just like one big act non-stop!

Josianne: Being on stage, sharing what we do with the audience. It’s a thrill!



What stunt or skill took you the longest to learn?

Antoine: It was to change from normal circus skills like club juggling, Russian bar, cyr wheel and find a way to use lumberjack tools or wood to transform it into circus apparatus. So instead of juggling clubs we juggled with axes, instead of fiberglass bar for Russian bar it’s a real three, instead of a cyr wheel it’s a carriage wheel…

Josianne: Axe juggling took me longer than the guys to learn. The axes are much heavier than juggling clubs.


Credit Nicolas Descôteaux

Credit Nicolas Descôteaux

I can’t travel without my…

Antoine: Axes , chopping wood everywhere I go!

Josianne: Laptop. Staying in touch with family and friends is so important when touring for a long period.


On tour, I’m most excited to…

Antoine: Meet new people, see different cultures, different music type.

Josianne: Meet new people, discover new cultures.



What can people expect when they come to the show?

Antoine: Something new about circus, that it’s more raw, not just doing acrobatic to do acrobatic but a story line and a lot of emotions. It’s a real family, real sharp tools and real BEARDS! Everything you see is real, we don’t cheat!

Josianne: A riotous, rugged, fun-filled experience backed up by an awesome traditional Quebec music band.


You can see Cirque Alfonse: Timber! in action on Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m.! Tickets are still available.

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