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October is National Arts and Humanities Month

logo color printout_6.14By way of presidential proclamation, October has been named National Arts and Humanities Month. A title that grew from National Arts Week into it’s own month by 1993. NAHM, as it’s often referred to, paints a broad stroke on the importance all art forms have in the daily lives of everyone and the contributions the arts make to the community.

Here at the Center our mission works to reflect that same sentiment, to show the impact of the arts doesn’t stop at the stage, in fact that’s often just its start.

Through projects like it gets better and P.A.R.T.Y. @ the P.A.C. we get to witness the art’s unique ability to facilitate important conversations. The arts have the ability to reach people visually, emotionally and cognitively at the same time. This gives everyone a chance to relate to something in the art, creating commonalities or highlighting differences that can open a dialogue that may have never happened between patrons. Patrons then take that conversation or their new view on a topic into the community.

They share, discuss or act with a new lens; contributing unique, different angles to problems and issues that encourage additional dialogue and problem solving.

All of these perspectives come together to create a vibrant, open community.

DSC_0187This is especially prevalent in our Bemis Company Education Series, designed to take conversations had in the classroom and bring them to life on stage. Teachers are equipped with study guides that help shape discussions before and after the performance, giving students new ways to explore a subject. According to Americans for the Arts, low-income students who have the arts integrated into their education are twice as likely to graduate from college. All students involved in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 72% of business leaders site creativity as the number one skill in job seekers.

“The arts provide experiences as unique and exceptional as the individuals enjoying them,” said President Maria VanLaanen. “The incredible power the arts have to create shared experiences for people of diverse backgrounds and open a dialogue is a valuable gift. The arts provide a rich texture to our community that we at the Center are happy to celebrate by cultivating a space where the community can gather and enjoy different live performing art forms.”



We celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, because you never know which experience will change someone’s life and their community.


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