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Boots for the Board

Our board members got an opportunity to try on the sky-high-stilettos that trademark Kinky Boots!

See what they had to say about the show rolling into town:

Becky T

Becky Tuchscherer

Why are you excited to see the show?
Darwin Copeman: I’m intrigued by the story line of Kinky Boots. A young man trying to save the family business through traditional methods finds the answer to his dilemma by embracing a friendship with someone that maintains a non-traditional life-style. Yet, the business owner sees an opportunity to provide a product that helps the business and in doing so, also removes the negative perception his staff has of the individual who doesn’t “fit in”.

Mame Heaney: I am excited to see Kinky Boots because I have seen the movie and it was delightful. (It) will be fun to see how Broadway follows or changes the script.

Lee Allinger: Kinky Boots provides the example of how the arts can indeed expand and change our perspective. As the superintendent of a public school system serving 16,000+ students I am reminded daily of the richness that diversity brings to our classrooms. As educators when we take the time to understand our students and families with the goal of a positive and welcoming learning environment for all – it is then that the richness of diversity improves the educational experience for all students. As we continue our journey to become an inclusive-welcoming community the arts becomes the catalyst for ongoing community dialogue. Kinky Boots will provide all of us with an often not heard perspective – one that can  indeed open our minds and hearts.

Kinky Boots marks the 26th time a touring Broadway performance has had its first Wisconsin stop in Appleton. Why are  Broadway Wisconsin Premiere important for our community?

Darwin Copeman

Darwin Copeman

Darwin Copeman: The Broadway premieres that appear at the Fox Cities PAC are incredibly valuable both economically and culturally. Our community businesses are rewarded with opportunities to showcase their quality and service as thousands of people stay in local hotels, enjoy dinner and even a nightcap after each performance. Witnessing a professional Broadway performance within minutes of your home rather than traveling to NYC is a cultural gift that offers a unique experience to many that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Becky Tuchscherer: Beyond the fact that having a Broadway premiere in our community draws people in from across the state for the show, it also shows off our community. Show goers are able to experience a wonderful evening at the theatre with all its fanfare, and at the same time experience the unique mixture of urban style and small town warmth that the Fox Cities has to offer. Top that off with the economic impact that is generated for our local businesses and it is no wonder that people love our Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

Lee Allinger: Kinky Boots marks the 26th Broadway premiere for our Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. What an incredible opportunity for all of us across the Fox Cities and beyond to experience a live performance at the highest level. There is nothing like a live performance to ignite our spirits, open our minds, and get us positively interacting with others.

Tell us the truth…did you love the boots?


Mame Heaney

Darwin Copeman: I have to admit some initial trepidation when asked to slip on the Kinky Boots. However, that concern quickly disappeared when I realized that standing 6’1″ instead of my natural 5’7″ had it’s advantages!

Becky Tuchscherer: Who wouldn’t love a pair of boots made just for you?

Mame Heaney: Short of breaking my neck in those heels, I love the boots…I love red shiny boots…would have been wonderful with a mini red  rain coat that I had … would have matched them perfectly!


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