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Pretty your Pumpkins with Broadway this Halloween

Everybody loves a great creative pumpkin design. Here are a few ideas you can use, inspired by this season’s Broadway hits.


This Cinderella design was done by our very own Administrative Assistant, Kelly Rutten. She chose to bedazzle it a little more as a centerpiece but you can do this with orange pumpkins, after all Cinderella will turn it into a carriage anyway! 🙂

Halloween Newsies

No carving required! Just a sharpie and a little wordsmithing and you can have the best Broadway pumpkin on the block!

Halloween Kinky

Print this out and put the pumps on your pumpkin! Especially if you loved the recent visit by Kinky Boots, this might just be your pumpkin!


Mash-up the holidays with this holiday mash-up! Pick your favorite Grinch face as a nod to the Broadway show and the beloved cartoon. If stores put out Halloween and holiday decorations at the same time, can’t you?

What will your pumpkin look like this Halloween?

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