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5 reasons to see Beauty and the Beast



1. The local Gaston
Join us in welcoming Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek back home! The Neenah native will be making the Silly Girls swoon in Belle’s small provincial town as Gaston! We can’t wait to see him!



2. The mystery and magic
With a story that starts with a spell, it’s easy to see why the captivating stage magic of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a reason you won’t want to miss this production. Watch as the final petals fall, as the enchanted objects welcome Belle to the be their guest and as the ballroom feels grand and yet familiar at the same time.


3. The costumes
This show is not easy to bring to life on stage. With actors who have to transform in and out of enchanted objects and a loveable but rough-around-the-edges Beast, the costuming team certainly works it’s magic to share these familiar characters with audiences around the country.



4. The classic, shareable story
The story, which was released as the Disney Film 24 years ago and first appeared on Broadway 21 years ago, has been shared already by generations. Whether the age of your group more closely identifies with wanting to be a princess, or envies the Beast’s personal library, something is the show appeals to everyone and what better way to spend the holidays then a night out at the theater the whole family can enjoy.



5. The message
“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, the quest for knowledge, and the fact that true beauty comes from within, the importance of family; these are all lessons that are highlighted throughout the classic story and well, doesn’t the world just need all those positive messages being shared this time of year?


Tickets for Beauty and the Beast at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Dec. 18-20 are still available! Be our guest for this fantastic production!

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