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Boogie and the Yo-Yoz are ready to spend Christmas with you!

As Boogie and the Yo-Yoz prepare for their performance at the Fox Cities P.A.C.  Dec. 11, we got a moment to ask the group what patrons can expect, about their special guests, and of course how they got the name.

BXMS_71. What can people expect to see at the Boogie and the Yo-Yoz show Dec. 11?

It promises to be a fun filled show for all ages!  We have found a way to take all of the things Boogie is known for and focus it in a Christmas theme. Male and female vocals, horn section, diversity and special guests like local choirs and even a visit from Santa and a few other surprises make it a truly enjoyable experience.

2. How did you get the name?

We were originally called Yogi and the Boo-Booz after our original drummer Brian(Yogi) Yogerst.  We were doing well and somehow we caught the attention of Yogi Bear’s owners… They did not take kindly to our name and sent a cease and desist letter from their attorney. We merely flipped the y and b around and the rest is history.

3. The band is welcoming Hortonville and Greenville middle schools to perform with you, can you tell us more?

The show was written for guest choirs.  We always try to invite local talent for this.. Plus, Eric, one of our original members is a product of that school system.  This was a great fit this year!

4.Why did you decide to use local choirs?

We feel it is important to continue to promote music education.  We hope that by showing students how much fun AND hard work goes into this, then maybe we can help inspire new and budding future artists.

BXMS_15. Why is it important to give kids the opportunity to perform with an established band during a big show?

Experience and knowledge in all aspects of life are important.  We feel that it is important for them to be able to perform and feel that adrenaline rush as they look out into (hopefully) a full house.  There is truly no better feeling than the applause after a performance and we can’t wait for them to feel that on this scale. It is also important for them to understand that things like this don’t just happen without hard work.  They will get a taste of the work that we put in during dress rehearsal and get to see first hand.

Be a part of that full house, tickets are still available.

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